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If you plan to visit, calling ahead is advised due to the obscurity of our location.

Christ Church—Radford

6226 University Park Drive

Radford, VA 24141

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The Unrighteous and the Rich (Luke 16)

Posted May 24, 2016

Knowing that he is without strength and being too prideful to beg, this unrighteous steward devises a dishonest and deceitful design to make future friends through his bosses finances. When his boss finds out, he commends him, not becau... Keep Reading

Two Lost Sons (Luke 15:25ff)

Posted May 17, 2016

At the beginning of the chapter, the Pharisees grumble because Jesus is receiving sinners and eating with them. While the statement they make about Jesus is true and accurately reflects his willingness to associate with sinners, the fac... Keep Reading

The Ascension of Our Lord Jesus Christ (Acts 1:8-11)

Posted May 10, 2016

In ascending bodily, Jesus took to heaven what he didn’t have when he came down from glory. He took up our humanity at Bethlehem in the amazing miracle of the incarnation, and without ceasing to be what he has always been, he became w... Keep Reading

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May 18, 2016

by Anthony Mathenia

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